Check yourself!

Hi! Today I found some interesting quizzes. Let’s do it together. First, we make an exersice with  matching the words and phrases with their definitions. After that we try  to remember new words from tabs. Here we go!

1) to avoid

2) in advance

3) to run a risk

4) a dilemma

5) to look into a matter

6) to approach

7) to conceal oneself

8) to expel

9) That will do.

10) to take some action

11) to look in a queer way

12) a lost man

13) to profit by

14) to put off

a) to prevent smth from happening

b) to hide oneself

c) a very difficult situation; a hard task to solve

d) That’s enough.

e) todismiss officcially from school, college

f) to look in strange, unnatural way

g) to start doing

h) to face danger

i) ahead; beforehand

j) to reach; to come closer

k) to investigate the matter

l) to get (gain) advantage from

m) a man without any hope or future

n) to move to a later date; to delay

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